YNH! /r9k/ and /new/ 2010.

​/r9k/ and /new/ after getting axed. An event that took place was a lot of boards wanting to leave 4chan.

(Light flickering, /new/ tapping on lightbulb continuously)

/new/: Cloudflare is acting up again. I think we need a better source of energy.

/r9k/: Can you quit doing that? I’m typing up my autobiography here. As in, I have a hobby why don’t you try getting one.

/new/: That’s fine and dandy. How about you stick to your hobbies and I stick with mine? It’s not a hard compromise and no one’s eager to read your stupid greentexts.

/r9k/: Get out of my room.

/new/: Make me!

/r9k/: MODS!

(Phone starts ringing in the background. Both boards glare at each other before /r9k/ turns away and picks up the phone. Then realizes he’s not really great at answering phone calls.)


(/new/ laughing at him in the background, pissing /r9k/ off. Most importantly, /r9k/ is upset with himself for answering the phone in the first place)

/x/: Oh? Is this /r9k/? Did I get the right number?

/r9k/: /x/? /x/! Oh uh, this is a nice surprise.

/new/: Is that /x/? Yo /x/! It’s me, /new/-

/r9k/: She’s talking to me, doofus-

/x/: It’s been a while, true. Are you guys doing well?

/r9k/: I’m doing fine, with the exception of an angry news board.

/new/: Gimme the phone, let me talk to her.

/r9k/: Go away, seriously.

/x/: Hah, great to hear you two getting along so well. I missed your voices, too. Say, I was wondering, if it isn’t of any bother- and I’ve been thinking about this for a while now- but,

(There is some hesitation before /x/ speaks again)

/x/: Can I stay with you guys?

(At this point, /r9k/ had put the phone on speaker)

/r9k/: For what reason? I thought you were happy over there.

/new/: Bet it never gets old either.

/x/: Getting constantly raided by /b/ is not fun, mind you.

/new/: Ah, that.

/r9k/: We’ll think about it. In the meantime, why don’t you hang out at /tg/’s like you usually do?

/x/: I…uh, I got to go. Will you at least consider my plea?

/r9k/: Will do. You be strong, /x/. (hangs up)

(Some awkward silence)

/new/:…I don’t know what’s weirder. The fact that /x/ wants to live with us or how you ended that conversation.

/r9k/: I got nervous.