Every time I draw the 4chan news board there is at least a chance of racial content. laughs

Anyway spoiler for words and stuff.

Edit: Didn’t realize that it would take me so long on clip studio. I’ll have to post twice tomorrow instead of today. It’s late. Probably a simple oekaki and some more clip practice.

/n/ was the news board back in 2005, but this board tan is a good patsy.

Page 3, and also pregnant /pol/.

I had someone on /ic/ redline pregnant /pol/ 63 since I can’t draw pregnant women that great. Also page 3 of a funny short I’m doing.

I have a normal image of /pol/ 63 without the belly. eh, anywho, still gotta do that height chart.

Page 3 of a short comic thing.
I think pushing up the belly is a good idea.