I like to imagine that /sci/ is older…probably because his original design has white hair and I like to think he’s just old and stressed out from dealing with people younger than him.


Study group

int: the most social but judgmental of the group

new: the laziest at his job

sci: will not do anyone’s homeworks

lit: tends to wax philosophy

new is the tallest of the four, followed by lit, sci, then int. I’m debating whether or not sci should be shorter than int..would be interesting.


YNH! Edit: More board tans.


I drew some /lit/ and /int/. /lit/ is a male board tan in YNH! Don’t know about what 4chanhouse thinks. haha~

Never really thought of them being in a relationship, but hey, it’s cute. Since they’re both elitists in their own way, /int/ judging people on their culture/history/race and the /lit/ board being a huge book nerd and elitist.

Edit: Saw some Draw Your Squad memes and it gave me the reason to draw /pol/, /co/, and /fa/ interaction.