More of 2channel stuff

They have things in common being the negatives of their own countries: Hinomoto being born from slur, and 4chan news board born from hate. Both are news boards, and both are probably not bad people, just bad circumstances. laughs

Both designs were created around the same year, 2010. /int/ is going to feel replaced as a friend with Hinomoto around, since /new/ and Hinomoto have similar hobbies.

You are still his best friend, /int/ chan!

I found some old storyboarding.

I remember a part of the story, I think it came to me in a fevered daydream and I just drew the whole thing down in one sitting, then promptly forgot about it and it’s been hiding in the back of my files.

Dealt with kids /c/, /cm/, and the /vp/ twins (I don’t remember /i/ being part of this since she is too young). It’s a fantasy type setting. /int/ gives them a rare stone to take to a merchant across from the kingdom and warns the kids about a dragon that has to be defeated to get across. It’s something along those lines. She gives them a sword as a weapon.

The kids go to the cave in between the crossing and finds the dragon sleeping. They accidentally wake it up, the kids run as the dragon lashes out, the sword gets knocked out, and /c/ gets knocked out as well. /cm/ goes to defend /c/, and as the dragon prepares to set them ablaze, the stone starts to glow. /cm/ quickly takes out the stone and the dragon instantly pauses. It grows curious with the glowing stone and touches its nose to it, and a bunch of memories flood into the dragon’s head. When everything clears up the next panel shows a man with a hole in his chest where the heart should have been- the heart being the stone that the man got reunited with. /new/ became a dragon after his heart got stolen. And now he just travels around with the kids as a sort of guardian figure. end scene.

I think I have more weird stories lying around my room on papers and notepads.