Newman AU (Ch. 7)

The technician jumps back in surprise. Newman brings up the episode last night with the graffiti, but the technician doesn’t remember what happened. He says he has been at home sleeping because of the long hours he’d worked. They argue. As they argue, Demona steps in. She had overheard them and was checking to see what was going on. Newman anxiously backs away a bit due to last night, but he explains to Demona that the technician was responsible for the graffiti. Some talking occurs, and at some point E and H comes out of the shop to locate Demona. Finally they settle on a sort of sleepover to see if the technician was responsible for the graffiti (except Demona for obvious reasons). 

That night, E and Newman meet at the technician’s house (actually,  one of his houses, as he would later emphasize). H had work and could not come, but E was there to film the evidence if the technician left to Demona’s (Demona would like to “punish” the technician if caught and he would rather that not happen). More conversation. The technician falls asleep and E and Newman began to doze off. Suddenly the light flickers, startling Newman and E. They look over at the still sleeping technician and a strange shadow starts rising up from the man’s body (“His soul??”). The shadow forms into a ghostly version of the technician, the same that Newman saw the night before. Immediately the ghost lunges for them. It’s difficult to escape from the ghost. Somewhere along the lines, Newman and E figures out that the ghost would disappear if the technician wakes up. Newman distracts the ghost as E attempts to wake the man up (comically so). She finally gets him to wake up from his deep slumber by kicking him. The ghost vanishes. The technician screams obscenities from the pain, E sighs in relief, and Newman is all bruised up but alive.

Newman has been in the hospital for the past few days, but he heard from E that the technician has been pardoned from Demona’s wrath. The camcorder that E had at the technician’s house is specifically able to record paranormal occurences, so she had seen the tape from last night’s events at the man’s home (had a good laugh). The person that Demona was talking about in Ch. 4 had returned and is currently helping the technician with the possession problem. So far there had been no graffiti incident.

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