Newman AU (Ch. 5 and Ch 6)

I found more of my old writings.

It’s nighttime at the red light district and Newman returns to the sex shop. It looks empty but the door is clearly unlocked (supposedly for him). He goes in but is unable to locate the light switch, and no matter how much he calls out into the darkness Demona is not answering. He fumbles around the shop, grabbing some sort of weird bat in case the unlocked door was a sign of a burglary. For some reason the shop seems larger. Finally when he locates the switch, he hears footsteps (and dripping) from behind him. He immediately turns on the lights and sees a demonic looking lady with tentacle hair in front of him. Newman swings the bat on impulse, but the demonic lady dodges it and pulls it away from him. At this point, Newman runs. No telling how strong this thing is. 

The shop’s basement held rooms upon rooms of a variety of alternative sex businesses.  Running out of time- the tentacle lady was getting closer- he runs into a room that appears small and safe. The lady breezes past the door, still looking for him. Newman sighs in relief, then notices that he is not alone. One of Demona’s assistants, E, is in the room busy studying. She is surprised but asks Newman what he was doing here; he replies that he is trying to escape a tentacle monster. She answers that the lady was Demona who turns into a succubus at night. E helps Newman escape the shop through a secret back corridor adjacent to her room.

As he thanks her and heads back around the front of the shop, he spots the technician from earlier doing something suspicious to the building. The technician looks directly at him, eyes as if possessed. Newman jumps back in shock as the technician suddenly vanishes. On the wall are the words,”I’M DEAD!”

Chapter 6:

Newman goes back to the sex shop the next morning because he remembers the technician saying that he works the cameras there. He thinks this has something to do with Demona, like she did something to the technician while she was a succubus. The shop is busy, but he manages to locate E and avoid Demona. He takes E away from the commotion and asks about Demona’s past (or Demona in general). She answers that she’s been working with her for the past couple of months to pay for college/uni, Demona doing things, the atmosphere of the shop (not really sinister) etc. but in the end of the interview Demona’s never killed anyone. Then E suddenly remembers a strange person who used to come around the shop a long time ago. For some reason this person was deeply fascinated with death and gore fetish to the point that Demona had to ask her to leave. The woman didn’t care about how sexual something was unless it involved gruesome deaths. She was never seen again. Most likely found another shop or died. Newman asks if she thinks Demona could have killed her. E goes silent, then gets upset at his assumption. A bit angered over the interview, she gets up to leave. Newman stops her for a minute to ask about the technician instead. E knows nothing about the technician, but tells him he can interview him when he comes over later in the day. She goes back to her job.

As he waited for the technician, he found something to eat. Newman goes over the information in his head. There is a call on his phone from the known caller in Ch. 1 and they converse a bit. The technician pulls up to the shop in his van.

Newman hangs up in time to interview the technician as he was grabbing supplies in his van.

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