Newman AU (Ch. 4)

It’s been a few weeks since the GETs incident. Newman is starting another article that the other journalists have been raving about. It’s about a sex shop in the red light district, but that’s not what makes it unusual. What is unusual is the graffiti found outside the shop’s wall spelling out (eerily) “I’M DEAD!” and if the shopkeeper cleans it up, the words will appear again the next day. The journalists are wondering if the shopkeeper, Demona, might be secretly hiding something. Newman decides to investigate.

As he stands in front of the shop- noting the graffiti (in the process of being cleaned) and the popularity of the store- a man begins to speak next to him about the store’s reputation, startling him. The man mentions something about buying dragon dildos and that he was the technician responsible for the surveillance cameras being put in front of the shop since the graffiti incident. He also mentions how weird it was for the cameras to not pick anything up. Both of them have an awkward conversation before Newman backs away into the sex shop to interview/harass Demona. She looks considerably normal in the daytime. Her assistants are E and H (human names needed) who are busy with customers. Demona steps out to talk to Newman. He talks to her about the graffiti and she says something like “Oh, I know this woman who just loves stuff like this, but unfortunately she’s out of the city at the moment.” Demona later tells Newman that if he wants to witness it for himself, he should come back during the nighttime. He’s kinda suspicious about the way that she says it, but shrugs it off and agrees to the offer.

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