Newman AU (Ch. 2)

Cont. chapter 2.

Newman and A both go to the next location to meet with B. She informs Newman that B is not dangerous, but he should still be considered with heavy caution, especially since he kidnapped A’s sister. They approach the building and hear the building lights turn on. B appears on a broken carousel (it’s a sort of amusement warehouse?) wearing a Vendetta mask. Newman is reminded of the group two nights ago wearing the same masks. B talks to A and vice versa, and questions A on whether he is a cop or not. A wants to know where her sister is. B sighs and brings out her sister, tied up and ready for the GET exchange. (A is worried because they had to improvise with fake GETs.) A and Newman do a quick exchange and attempt to leave as soon as B gets the bag, but B somehow blocks their exit as soon as they turn their backs. B, still talking to them, opens the bag and is disappointed in the fake GETs. Suddenly laughing, his figure starts distorting into an odd shape. At this point, A grabs Newman (C is being carried on Newman’s back) and tells him that they need to make a run for it. While running away, she informs Newman that B is a heavy user of GETs. Que some scenes of them dodging and outrunning the deformed B until they lose track of him inside a small room. They are trapped inside the building with a monstrous man searching for them.

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