Newman AU (cont. part 3)

Cont. chapter 1, part 3.

A had called for a search party that involves the whole neighborhood participating. Newman makes an appearance, startling A who thought Newman had already returned to his city. Newman asks A what she is looking for but she tells him to stay out of it and it’s something that happened during the break-in yesterday. Newman immediately pulls out the bag of GETs that he found (“Is this what you’re looking for?”). He tells her about his theory on her and the GETs. When he gets to the henchmen from yesterday night, A is confused. She does not know what he is talking about. They suddenly get surrounded by the henchmen in hiding and knocked out.

Newman and A wakes up tied together in an abandoned factory while the leading henchman explains his story/ need for the GETs. They leave the two on a conveyor belt to their doom, but Newman and A manages to escape. Luckily, the henchmen had driven away with the GETs so they escaped the factory with no trouble.

It’s the next morning and they are safe in the vicinity of A’s neighborhood. A is finally able to explain herself. She is one of the tip providers of GETs and the reason she left in the middle of the night was to meet with the writer of the letter who was interested in the GETs. She did not bring it with her that night because she did not trust the writer, but something happened so now it was really important for her to get the GETs back. Apparently A has a sister who was suppose to be in another place (safe and away until the break-ins stopped), but the writer is holding her captive in exchange for the GETs. A does not know whether the henchmen are working for the writer or not, but now A has nothing to exchange for her sister’s safety. A shows Newman the letter, which is simply signed ‘b’.

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