Newman AU (cont. part 2)

Cont. chapter 1, part 2.

The next morning he visits A’s neighborhood. The directions are a bit confusing seeing that it couldn’t be found on the internet, and she gave him landmarks instead of street signs to follow. After wandering far from the city into a strange location in the forest, he arrives at A’s neighborhood. A is the first to welcome him.

She shows Newman around the area to get to know the people. Then she takes him to the area where the break-ins first occurred. Newman interviews a few people. After a few hours, A checks on him (he was busy looking over the written interviews) and decides to take him to a place to eat. They talk more over the materials as they eat their sushi. Someone goes up to A and tells her there has been another break-in, this time at her house. They rush immediately to A’s home and discover that the place is a mess. There is a letter but A refuses to show him the contents. Newman finds this slightly suspicious but A tells him to forget about it and that he should get some rest.

Newman decides to sleep at a nearby inn because he won’t be able to find his way back into the city at this hour. He reviews his interviews and laments in how boring they were and that they needed to get spiced up when he gets back to his office. He can’t help thinking that A is hiding something. Bored and suspicious (this will definitely add spice to the article!) he goes and checks on A’s house, only to discover that she is about to leave (in the middle of the night?…well, next to Newman). He accidentally knocks his elbow on the side of the A’s trashcan, which startles her and almost gives away his position. Thinking it was a cat, A continues off in her car. Newman sighs in relief as he stands up from his hidden position. In his line of view, he spies some broken items in the trashcan (possibly belonging to A since she was throwing away broken items) and sees a crumpled paper bag with something in it. Inside is a plastic bag with pills labeled “GET”. Newman’s eyes widen in shock (he knows what they are). Behind him a dark figure is slowly walking towards him carrying a bat. A plastic lid crunches under the stranger’s boot, and Newman turns around in time to see a Vendetta mask staring right at him. He dodges the bat and Newman and the stranger gets into a fight, Newman knocking him out at the end. However, the stranger did not come alone (there are about six others behind him) so he makes a run for it with the bag of GETs. In the end, he escapes and lays exhausted in his bed, glaring at the bag in disbelief.


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