Newman AU

Newman’s separate story that eventually crosses over with Conrad.

Prologue: Newman escaping and dodging punches/attacks from some gang members running after him inside a building. They corner him at a window. He looks back as one of them ask “Any last words?”. Newman replies rather seriously “Ron Paul 2012” (or something /new/-like) and jumps out of the window into a river (?) underneath. He does not come up and the gang assumes that he is dead.

Ch. 1- Cut to a city bustling with life and Newman talking on the phone with a known caller who’s asking him about his vacation to Mexico. They are arguing. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Newman hangs up and announces that the person enter. Her (actually a male but Newman is clueless) name is A- (/a/’s human name) and she requests to talk to the news reporter, Newman. At first she is shocked to see his appearance because he still holds injuries from escaping that night in Mexico. They converse a bit. She wants him to write about a series of break-ins in her neighborhood and hope that someone would help apprehend the person/persons responsible. Newman does not want to help. They argue because Newman’s pride tells him that he should write about something else “important” while A comments on his “news” stories. They talk more until Newman finally agrees to investigate. (cont.)

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