Script drabble 1:

(/new/ is arguing with /ic/ about how he drives.)

/ic/: It’s because it’s dangerous for you to drive. Remember the last accident you had?

/new/: (scoffs) Oh come on. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

(more arguments, the scene cuts off to a cafe that some of the board tans are at.)

The plot centers around a mysterious woman that /new/ can’t help but find attractive. The other guys warn him about the girl, though he thinks they’re just envious. Alot of times, the guys try to prevent /new/ from being near her. One by one, however, they start to disappear. /new/ finally notices when his last friend decides to sacrifice himself to prove a point. He realizes he misses them.

Throughout the story, the board tans give him hints that this world isn’t what it appears to be. /new/’s head would randomly bleed but the source could never be found. /ic/ continues to caution /new/ about driving, leading /new/ to feel stomach pains as if something inside him has been fractured.

It turns out that /new/ was in a coma and his friends/family in his dream was his conscious warning him about death (the girl).  They could be considered an extent of his feelings/emotions because the board tans in his dream are just parts of his traits (he lacks understanding who they are).

He wakes up holding /co/’s hand, who was there to look after him in the hospital room.

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