Newman AU (Ch. 2)

Cont. chapter 2.

Newman and A both go to the next location to meet with B. She informs Newman that B is not dangerous, but he should still be considered with heavy caution, especially since he kidnapped A’s sister. They approach the building and hear the building lights turn on. B appears on a broken carousel (it’s a sort of amusement warehouse?) wearing a Vendetta mask. Newman is reminded of the group two nights ago wearing the same masks. B talks to A and vice versa, and questions A on whether he is a cop or not. A wants to know where her sister is. B sighs and brings out her sister, tied up and ready for the GET exchange. (A is worried because they had to improvise with fake GETs.) A and Newman do a quick exchange and attempt to leave as soon as B gets the bag, but B somehow blocks their exit as soon as they turn their backs. B, still talking to them, opens the bag and is disappointed in the fake GETs. Suddenly laughing, his figure starts distorting into an odd shape. At this point, A grabs Newman (C is being carried on Newman’s back) and tells him that they need to make a run for it. While running away, she informs Newman that B is a heavy user of GETs. Que some scenes of them dodging and outrunning the deformed B until they lose track of him inside a small room. They are trapped inside the building with a monstrous man searching for them.

Newman AU (cont. part 3)

Cont. chapter 1, part 3.

A had called for a search party that involves the whole neighborhood participating. Newman makes an appearance, startling A who thought Newman had already returned to his city. Newman asks A what she is looking for but she tells him to stay out of it and it’s something that happened during the break-in yesterday. Newman immediately pulls out the bag of GETs that he found (“Is this what you’re looking for?”). He tells her about his theory on her and the GETs. When he gets to the henchmen from yesterday night, A is confused. She does not know what he is talking about. They suddenly get surrounded by the henchmen in hiding and knocked out.

Newman and A wakes up tied together in an abandoned factory while the leading henchman explains his story/ need for the GETs. They leave the two on a conveyor belt to their doom, but Newman and A manages to escape. Luckily, the henchmen had driven away with the GETs so they escaped the factory with no trouble.

It’s the next morning and they are safe in the vicinity of A’s neighborhood. A is finally able to explain herself. She is one of the tip providers of GETs and the reason she left in the middle of the night was to meet with the writer of the letter who was interested in the GETs. She did not bring it with her that night because she did not trust the writer, but something happened so now it was really important for her to get the GETs back. Apparently A has a sister who was suppose to be in another place (safe and away until the break-ins stopped), but the writer is holding her captive in exchange for the GETs. A does not know whether the henchmen are working for the writer or not, but now A has nothing to exchange for her sister’s safety. A shows Newman the letter, which is simply signed ‘b’.

Newman AU (cont. part 2)

Cont. chapter 1, part 2.

The next morning he visits A’s neighborhood. The directions are a bit confusing seeing that it couldn’t be found on the internet, and she gave him landmarks instead of street signs to follow. After wandering far from the city into a strange location in the forest, he arrives at A’s neighborhood. A is the first to welcome him.

She shows Newman around the area to get to know the people. Then she takes him to the area where the break-ins first occurred. Newman interviews a few people. After a few hours, A checks on him (he was busy looking over the written interviews) and decides to take him to a place to eat. They talk more over the materials as they eat their sushi. Someone goes up to A and tells her there has been another break-in, this time at her house. They rush immediately to A’s home and discover that the place is a mess. There is a letter but A refuses to show him the contents. Newman finds this slightly suspicious but A tells him to forget about it and that he should get some rest.

Newman decides to sleep at a nearby inn because he won’t be able to find his way back into the city at this hour. He reviews his interviews and laments in how boring they were and that they needed to get spiced up when he gets back to his office. He can’t help thinking that A is hiding something. Bored and suspicious (this will definitely add spice to the article!) he goes and checks on A’s house, only to discover that she is about to leave (in the middle of the night?…well, next to Newman). He accidentally knocks his elbow on the side of the A’s trashcan, which startles her and almost gives away his position. Thinking it was a cat, A continues off in her car. Newman sighs in relief as he stands up from his hidden position. In his line of view, he spies some broken items in the trashcan (possibly belonging to A since she was throwing away broken items) and sees a crumpled paper bag with something in it. Inside is a plastic bag with pills labeled “GET”. Newman’s eyes widen in shock (he knows what they are). Behind him a dark figure is slowly walking towards him carrying a bat. A plastic lid crunches under the stranger’s boot, and Newman turns around in time to see a Vendetta mask staring right at him. He dodges the bat and Newman and the stranger gets into a fight, Newman knocking him out at the end. However, the stranger did not come alone (there are about six others behind him) so he makes a run for it with the bag of GETs. In the end, he escapes and lays exhausted in his bed, glaring at the bag in disbelief.


Newman AU

Newman’s separate story that eventually crosses over with Conrad.

Prologue: Newman escaping and dodging punches/attacks from some gang members running after him inside a building. They corner him at a window. He looks back as one of them ask “Any last words?”. Newman replies rather seriously “Ron Paul 2012” (or something /new/-like) and jumps out of the window into a river (?) underneath. He does not come up and the gang assumes that he is dead.

Ch. 1- Cut to a city bustling with life and Newman talking on the phone with a known caller who’s asking him about his vacation to Mexico. They are arguing. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Newman hangs up and announces that the person enter. Her (actually a male but Newman is clueless) name is A- (/a/’s human name) and she requests to talk to the news reporter, Newman. At first she is shocked to see his appearance because he still holds injuries from escaping that night in Mexico. They converse a bit. She wants him to write about a series of break-ins in her neighborhood and hope that someone would help apprehend the person/persons responsible. Newman does not want to help. They argue because Newman’s pride tells him that he should write about something else “important” while A comments on his “news” stories. They talk more until Newman finally agrees to investigate. (cont.)

Dead AU on board tans highschool.

The highschool au is dead, but I like to keep it here to remind myself that I was in highschool once.


/r9k/- Is a new student that became a loner of sorts. An outcast. Gets bullied regularly.

/new/- Was an alternative student that transferred back to the school at the same time that /r9k/ arrived. Becomes a bully.

/k/- Student known for his love of weapons. A suspicious person but overall cool to hang out with.

/int/- Foreign exchange student that recently transferred to the school. Strange as he was, he has a vast knowledge of foreign countries. Hangs out with bullies for reasons unclear. (is a girl?)

/b/- The clown/prankster of the school. Does not see himself as a serious person so he regularly gets into trouble. Tries to be moral (later on attempts to become a school officer, which becomes controversial in the future). Is a bully.

/co/- Running for class president. Good friends with/v/, /tg/, and /a/. Very idealistic but has a good heart. In the process of going out with /ck/, but his flings with other students are getting the better of him.

/v/- Also running for class president. Light rivalry with /co/. Outside of the group, he has a short temper. Regularly teased by /a/. Wants to be left alone.

/a/- Boy that often enjoys cross dressing. Chosen to be the last minute art club president. Would rather spend his time reviewing animes and picking on /co/ and /v/.

/tg/- Most interesting for his support of tabletop games, he recently became interested in /x/. Either than that, he has a strong passion for his games (as compared to /v/ who argues about video games on a daily basis).

/ck/- Works as a cafeteria assistant and brings her own lunch to school. Has a problem with vegetarians. Sometimes brings homemade beer. Bro to hangout with.

/x/- Paranoid and often delusional student. Harassed by /b/ regularly, she becomes a loner. She is good friends with /tg/ and somehow with /d/.

/sci/- Better known as the school nerd, but well-respected, despite being teased and asked to do other people’s homeworks. Surprisingly not bullied by /new/, though they often just argue with words.

/lit/- Library assistant. Spends his time among books than with other students. Kind of a prick. Brotherly to /co/ despite their obvious differences.

/adv/- School counselor. Can be helpful or unhelpful, but is the cheapest counselor the school can afford.

/cgl/- The school’s drama queen. Notorious for judging people’s fashion tastes. Has eyes on /fit/.

/fa/- Doesn’t make clothes like /cgl/ but can put together a nice outfit. Picky on how people dress. Has eyes on /fit/.

/fit/- Primarily concerned with his body image. Used to be the school nurse’s assistant. Hangs out with /sp/ when /sp/ isn’t watching tv.

/sp/- A jock. A fun-loving student when he’s not picking on others. Holds great parties.

/tv/- Knows a bunch of television shows. Wanders around hanging out with other students who share his interests, but somehow is picking up an interest with little girls.

/ic/- Art teacher. Teaches a number of students even though the majority of them wants to draw anime. Sponsors the art club.

/i/- One of /ic/’s students. Doodles regularly. Young and in the 4th grade.

/c/- In the 7th grade along with /cm/ and /vp/ twins. Soft spoken and innocent.

/cm/- Same grade along with /c/. Younger brother of /y/. Hangs out with /c/, /vp/ twins, and /i/.

/d/- Promiscuous transvestite. Is part of a group of deviants along with /y/, /u/, /h/, etc. (basically all the sex/fetish boards).

/y/- Older brother of /cm/. Openly likes men.

/h/- Is a slut.

/u/- Interested in females.

/e/- /h/’s little sister. Oblivious and easily flustered.

/an/- Works part-time taking care of animals at the local animal shelter. Known for taking care of students’ pets at school.

/mu/- Part-time school dj. Not really favored by the school’s music department, but is popular with the students.

/g/- Technology hobbyist. Talks about the latest trends in gadgets and gizmos.

/soc/- One of /b/’s girlfriends. Bright but clueless personality.

/m/- Hangs out with /co/ and /a/ when he has the time.



It’s the beginning of a new school year. Everyone is getting ready to elect the next batch of students that will represent the school. /co/ (Conrad) and /v/ have already put up posters for the position of student body president. Others have also taken an early start for the other positions (vice president, secretary, treasurer, etc.). Conrad and /v/ have a friendly rivalry; it’s nothing out of the ordinary to have them hang out with /tg/ and /a/ (Aoi?). Clubs were starting up again. All four of them go to the Art Club for its first meeting (plus other art motivated students), with /ic/ (Dick) as its sponsor. The four of them started chatting about the student campaign until Dick brings up the subject of club officers. Students were nominated, but ultimately people nominated Aoi as its president. Aoi was hesitant, but accepts.

Now, this disturbs Conrad (he knows he’ll dislike Aoi’s interests for the members), so he whispers to /tg/ to become the vice president to watch out for Aoi’s intentions for the club, even though Aoi didn’t have any underhanded motive whatsoever). /tg/ eventually agrees and Conrad nominates him and persuades others in doing the same (Conrad would be a great vice, but he’s busy with the other election). /rs/ becomes the club secretary; /m/ is the treasurer (?). The meeting ends and they return to their classes. A new student is presented. His name is /r9k/.


Starts off with a background of /r9k/ and his personality. Because of his kindness (if you call being ‘gentleman-like’ kindness), he was finding it difficult to make friends at the school. It was weird to everyone how he acts, so he sits alone in the cafeteria. The four main looks over at him from across another table, questioning each other about the new kid. /v/ finds it easy to make fun of /r9k/, while Aoi doesn’t trust the new kid because he appeared to be misogynistic (/r9k/ thought Aoi to be a girl?). Conrad didn’t hear them; in fact, his mind was concentrated on the cafeteria assistant, /ck/ (Becky).

Everyone at the table already knows about his infatuation with her, even /tg/. Needless to say, no one knew that /tg/ harbored the same crush, so it only made it more awkward when the group starts telling Conrad to ask Becky out. /tg/ excuses himself from the table and walks away with the intention of playing board games in another classroom. He accidentally knocks into /x/ on the way there. She seems panicked, and justifiably so. Around the corner, /tg/ hears /b/ calling out for someone. He looks down at /x/ and realizes that /b/ was searching for her. Seeing that she really didn’t want /b/ to find her, /tg/ hides her. /b/ passes by without any attention to /tg/. /x/ thanks /tg/ profusely and they talk for a while before she departs to wherever she goes. She tells him he is a good friend.


This chapter is about /b/ and /r9k/ meeting. It was one of those days where /b/ was scavenging for /x/ (or other students to serve as a supplement) that he ended up discovering /r9k/ in all of his humbleness, eating outside of the cafeteria. /b/ proceeds to introduce himself to the student, which delights /r9k/ a bit because it was getting really uncomfortable being friendless at the school. /b/ tells /r9k/ all about himself and how lucky /r9k/ was to have known him. After all, /b/ was the principal’s son. Apparently he could get away with anything. /r9k/ and /b/ chats for a while, with /b/ somehow convincing /r9k/ to lessen on being a gentleman because women were bitches and whores? They agree on a matter of things (to /b/’s surprise, though he’s really aiming to tweak /r9k/’s views like the troll that he is). /b/ leaves /r9k/ and they agree to hang out more.

Meanwhile, /tg/ and /x/ forms a friendship.


This chapter takes place from /m/’s point of view, since he’s questioning why he took up the position of treasurer for the Art Club. But nevertheless, it was better than being just a regular art member. It starts with a little bit of /m/’s background and then shifts to where he currently is, which is another Art Club meeting (officers only). It had been about a week and a half (two weeks?) since the club nominations passed. The officers are deciding on trips and activities for the club with Dick’s supervision. Aoi is being lazy and is not concerned with the trips until /tg/ suggests maybe an end-of-the-year visit to a convention. Aoi freaks out, and so does /m/, considering that their interests sometimes overlap. /m/ and Aoi argues with /tg/ over their convention of choice (/tg/’s choice is disapproving to the two members), so /rs/ breaks it up by having the Art Club members vote on the trip next week. /m/ suddenly remembers that any kind of class trip would take a bunch of charity work just to raise money for it. He’d have to be responsible for the money.

There is a knock on the door. /m/ opens it to discover /x/ looking for /tg/ (her intuition tells her he is in the room). /m/ tells /x/ that they were in the middle of a meeting (thinks she is in the club) and tells her to come back next week, but /tg/ tells /m/ that it’s alright for her to stay.

Suddenly, Aoi stands up in pure horror. “What are you doing, /tg/? That’s /b/’s new girlfriend!” And everyone in the school should be aware that /b/ is really possessive of his items, so students try their best to avoid being involved.

As /tg/ stood dumbfounded (and so was /m/ since he’d heard rumors of /b/’s mental problems), /b/ shows up behind /x/.

“So there you are!” /b/ piped up happily, grabbing /x/’s hand to lead her away from the club’s entrance.


Focuses on /b/ and his previous girlfriend, the notorious /g/uro. They were well-known for being an odd pair, but /b/ couldn’t be happier, though she was accused of a murder once or twice and maybe a bit suicidal. He didn’t mind her, and she didn’t mind him minding her. After her death (/b/ never explained how she died), he went through a terrible withdrawal and didn’t come to school for weeks. When he returned, he tried to jump from the school roof (with a suicide note saying something along the lines of “for the lulz”.).

It was on the roof that he met /x/, who had a striking similarity to /g/uro. They talked about life, death, and the paranormal before they decided to hit it off. /b/ promises he would never let her go. It sounded romantic at the time.

/tg/ haven’t seen /x/ for days since the Art Club incident.

Ch.6- Back to the Art Club, convention decided (already next week?). Conrad, /v/, and Aoi notices /tg/ looking down. Whenever /b/ passes by, /tg/ gets upset. /b/ meets with /r9k/ again.

Ch.7- /b/ and /r9k/ talks. Convinced /r9k/ to skip school for the day.

Ch.8- Conrad is at Aoi’s house. Mainly about Conrad’s problems (campaign coming up, /ck/, etc.). Since /v/ and /tg/ were not there, Aoi starts talking about /v/.

Ch.9- This is about /v/ (either in Aoi’s POV or in /v/’s, since I’d have to introduce his background one way or another). Concentrates on his fight with /b/ at one point. Meanwhile, a student gets out of alternative.

Breakdown for chapters.

Ch. 1- School intro. Main 4 intro. /r9k/ intro. End.

Ch. 2- /r9k/ full intro and his place at school. Shifts to main 4’s problems. /tg/ introduced to /x/ first meeting.

Ch. 3- /b/ and /r9k/ meet.

Ch. 4- /m/ first person pov. Art club setting. /tg/ finds out /x/ is /b/’s girlfriend.

Ch. 5- /b/’s previous girlfriend intro. /tg/ can’t find/x/.

Ch. 6- Back to art club. Convention decided (it’s already next week). Main 4 notices /tg/ looking down. /b/ passes by. /tg/ is upset. /b/ meets with/r9k/ again.

Ch. 7- /b/ and /r9k/ talk. Convinces [r9k] to skip school.

Ch. 8- /co/ is at /a/’s house. Mainly about/co/’s problems (campaign coming up, /ck/ etc.). /v/ and /tg/ not there. /a/ talks about /v/.

Ch. 9- Dedicated to /v/ and his fight with /b/ at one point. /new/ gets out of alternative.

Ch. 10- Starts out rather normal, main 4, [r9k], etc. /new/ introduced to class. He says something profoundly obscene/racist. School board wants to know why the principal let him back.

Ch. 11- /new/ intro at alternative and before alternative. He keeps in touch with /k/.

Hinted that /new/ was framed.

Crossover for Conrad and Newman comic (/co/ and /new/)

Recently someone has been interfering in Conrad’s cases. After carefully gathering evidence in which this person was involved, he concludes that it’s from a drug-related crime that went cold years ago. Conrad is only familiar with this case because he knows someone who had been chasing it. He calls for Newman.

Newman is a reporter from a crime ridden city in the process of political upheaval. He is also Conrad’s distant relative though neither really communicate with the other. He goes to Conrad’s city to help him with his investigations.

Neither of them realize how important the case is.

“Damnit, you’re not getting away from me this time!”

(Page 1: chase scene of a hooded boy and a news reporter running after him in the night in a deserted part of the city. The boy comes to a stop at a fence that’s too high for him to escape. Face hidden, he turns back to his pursuer. The reporter smiles triumphantly.)

“Got you now, you littl’ shit.”

(But something happens that lets the boy escape. The reporter is left flabbergasted, then angry at being so close to catching the boy. End scene 1.)

(Scene 2. Takes place in Conrad’s city. He is talking to his superior with a hidden mic located underneath his disguise. As per one of his usual cases, he had gone undercover to get close to a few criminals. He gets discovered, fights break out but Conrad has the upper hand and manages to defeat them. The police arrive and they apprehend the criminals while the superior criticizes but congratulates Conrad on another case solved. Conrad is skeptical on the case being solved due to overhearing a conversation with the criminals earlier, but he keeps it to himself. As the warehouse clears up, Conrad stays behind to ponder on the earlier conversation.)

‘There’s something about this warehouse that they mentioned…’

(He starts searching around. He locates a part of the warehouse hidden from view and sees an empty lock box with some sort of powdery white crumbs inside. Suddenly the lights turn off. He senses a shadow looking down at him. It’s huge and unidentifiable. Conrad ducks in time before the monster could take a  swing at him. Conrad runs, but the monster suddenly disappears before anything else can happen. Scared and confused, Conrad immediately grabs the lock box and flees the warehouse.)

(Scene 3. Morning now. Conrad retells his terrifying experience to his friends and co-workers. The case from last night was solved, but it seems like it has overlapped with another puzzle waiting for an answer. Intrigued, one of his co-workers mention that there has been strange appearances of this monster all over the city, though it could be another superhuman or entity (given the reputation of Conrad’s city). Conrad disagrees, stating that he’d be able to tell if the monster belonged in the city or not. He is familiar with everyone in the city, including villians and heroes. He shows his co-workers the lockbox. One of them decide to hand it over to a drug analyst as per Conrad’s request. The conversation veers off to other things.)

(Conrad watches the news on tv. It mentions some heroes on a floating island, then switches to international news of another city in political upheaval. He gets bored; his superior calls out that he has another assignment.)

(For several chapters the theme of the monster and the lockbox would appear in several cases till finally-)

(Conrad decides to investigate the monster despite his superior stating that it would be a waste of time. He decides to investigate this on the side without telling anyone for fear of losing his job. The drug analyst still hasn’t returned the lockbox, saying that the results were either inconclusive or part of another case that required it as evidence. Also it wasn’t Conrad’s to begin with (property of government?). He decides to break into the analysis room to see if the results or the lockbox is there (a certain board tan (/x/?) informed him that the box was still in the room despite the analyst’s suggestions). Conrad hides when he hears someone coming. It was his superior. Somehow Conrad gets discovered, fight happens, some smack talk about Conrad’s mother- and then surprisingly his superior turns into the monster! Conrad tries to run out of the building but it is locked for security reasons. The windows are tinted/mirrored and the building is sound-proof. In fact the whole building is pretty secured (co-workers mentioned this to Conrad in the earlier conversation). Through some quick action, he manages to defeat the monster. Conrad breathes a sign of relief; he’ll have to wait for someone to open up the building in the morning. In the meantime he finds the lockbox with some information on its content written next to it. It was about a drug that he’d heard going around in the underground, but he remembers the case had gone cold years ago. He also remembers a certain reporter that would have more information about the case despite everyone giving up on it.

(Scene 4. Conrad gets transferred and moved to another part of the city. This part of the city has more familiar characters and is less noir than previous chapters. His contact with heroes and villians are more prevalent here. Every now and then he tries to contact the reporter but is always met with a voicemail. He attempts to solve the lockbox case but without any leads or evidence it was a futile effort. He watches some more tv, one about the city’s heroes and the other about the city in upheaval.)


Season 1, zecro’s post on a 4chanime.

Originally on the Invision board, I am quoting zecro on it for future information.

The original idea for the board-tans was an animated series, and maybe producing some flash shorts might be interesting, but this is going to be a series of comics. Regardless, I’m calling it Season 1.
It wouldn’t have an overarching plot, until the end of the season, but would follow [URL=]4chan’s history[/URL], especially the introduction of new boards. I have no clue what the “original” boards were, but they were the ones that moved into the apartment complex/series of houses. The apartment buildings should probably be the different servers, maybe.

From the news section of 4chan, here’s the general idea of how the boards are introduced:

/b/ – “Retard Bin”

— (within a few days/weeks) 10/03

/t/ – Torrents

/p/ – Photographs (uncertain)

/u/ – Yuri (uncertain)

/h/ – Hentai

/c/ – Anime/Cute

/d/ – Hentai/Alternative

/y/ – Yaoi

/g/ – Guro

/s/ – Sexy Beautiful Women

/w/ – Anime/Wallpapers

— 11/03

/a/ – Anime (to keep /b/ random, not anime/random)

/l/ – Lolikon (because /c/ was a pedofest)

— 1/04

/r/ – Requests

/f/ – Flash

— 9/04

/k/ – Weapons

/o/ – Auto

/sm/ – Shota/Male

(/b/ sucks)

— 10/04

/ib/ – Oekaki Random

/ip/ – Oekaki Pro

/v/ – Video Games

/tech/ – Technology (text board now)

/z/ – Party Hard Crazy Board

/n/ – Trains IS DEAD

/l/ – Loli IS DEAD

/sm/ Shota/Male IS DEAD

— 11/04

donations again

— 1/05

/e/ – Ecchi

/3/ – 3DCG

/g/ – Technology

/n/ – Nature & Wildlife

/ic/ – Art/Critique

/p/ – Photography. (Old /p/ is now /x/.)

/x/ – General Photo

— 2/05

/gif/ – Animated GIF

/hr/ – High Resolution

/wg/ – Wallpapers/General


— 8/05


— 4/06

/co/ – Comics & Cartoons

/po/ – Papercraft &Origami

/cgl/ – Cosplay & EGL

/ck/ – Food & Cooking

/co/ – Comics & Cartoons

/mu/ – Music

/tv/ – Television & Film

/n/ becomes news

— 8/06


— 2/07

/tg/ – Traditional Games

/x/ – Paranormal

— 3/07

the great re/b/oot

— 9/07

/rs/ – Rapidshares

— 12/07

4chan gets a makeover

— 2/08

/fa/ – Fashion

/fit/ – Health & Fitness

/hc/ – Hardcore

/n/ – becomes Transportation

/sp/ – Sports

/toy/ – Toys

/trv/ – Travel

/jp/ – Japan/General

/r9k/ – ROBOT9000

Some things are incomplete, (edit edit: almost all the boards have been accounted for, or have an upper bound for creation.)

Regardless, my idea is for “season one” to consider events up to, but not including, the makeover at the end of 07. This would include character development (timeless!), the establishment of character relations (i.e. /co/ and /ck/), and general tomfoolery. /l/ gets partyvanned for CP. Creepy-guy /g/uro is replaced by technolo/g/y.

The story eventually is that /b/ gets cancer. There are several emotional scenes as /b/ is lying on his “deathbed” and the other boards come by, only to have /b/ reject them all. /ck/ brings delicious cake, but /b/ looks at it and hits it out of her hands declaring that it doesn’t have enough mudkips. /c/ gives /b/ a cat, and, even though /b/ loves cats, he eats it/rejects it/ignores it/says it’s not long enough. /x/ (paranormal) would come by and read creepy stories, but /b/ would get scared and move to bel-air. His request before dying is for /v/ to do one last barrel roll.

When /b/ dies, the whole “/b/tards lolol” writefaggotry happens, as the other boards fight them off. Without a vessel to control them, the horde /b/ was able to summon to raid the pool summons itself and begins wreaking destruction. /b/ doesn’t DIE of course, /b/ is like Deadpool, he can’t die. When he comes back to life (maybe /x/ resurrects him) the /b/tards unsummon and the other boards’ losing battle against them is over.

In the aftermath, the “current” character relations take form. /v/ and /a/ get together, etc etc. Fade to black.

Season 2 would open with the introduction of the new boards and the remodeling of 4chan building(s). /r9k/ started out as a transplant from /b/’s cancer-infested brain into a robot shell. /b/ is now the “hurr durr” character, sometimes capable of clear thought, but for the most part uses his “summon horde” ability to be a dick. /v/ and, increasingly, /a/, start to worry about getting a /b/-like cancer. The rest of the new boards are introduced, much like the original cast was introduced in season 1 – timeless character humor.

Where do we go with Season 2? I kind of imagine the Party Van taking control of the apartment building(s) and imposing a regime of censorship. But that never happened in 4chan history, so maybe not.

IDK, maybe even portraying the boards in a historical manner is not worthwhile. I think it’s a valid way to introduce the characters in that way, however, and if there’s going to be a /b/-cancer story, then it would be a great end to season 1.

YNH! /r9k/ and /new/ 2010.

​/r9k/ and /new/ after getting axed. An event that took place was a lot of boards wanting to leave 4chan.

(Light flickering, /new/ tapping on lightbulb continuously)

/new/: Cloudflare is acting up again. I think we need a better source of energy.

/r9k/: Can you quit doing that? I’m typing up my autobiography here. As in, I have a hobby why don’t you try getting one.

/new/: That’s fine and dandy. How about you stick to your hobbies and I stick with mine? It’s not a hard compromise and no one’s eager to read your stupid greentexts.

/r9k/: Get out of my room.

/new/: Make me!

/r9k/: MODS!

(Phone starts ringing in the background. Both boards glare at each other before /r9k/ turns away and picks up the phone. Then realizes he’s not really great at answering phone calls.)


(/new/ laughing at him in the background, pissing /r9k/ off. Most importantly, /r9k/ is upset with himself for answering the phone in the first place)

/x/: Oh? Is this /r9k/? Did I get the right number?

/r9k/: /x/? /x/! Oh uh, this is a nice surprise.

/new/: Is that /x/? Yo /x/! It’s me, /new/-

/r9k/: She’s talking to me, doofus-

/x/: It’s been a while, true. Are you guys doing well?

/r9k/: I’m doing fine, with the exception of an angry news board.

/new/: Gimme the phone, let me talk to her.

/r9k/: Go away, seriously.

/x/: Hah, great to hear you two getting along so well. I missed your voices, too. Say, I was wondering, if it isn’t of any bother- and I’ve been thinking about this for a while now- but,

(There is some hesitation before /x/ speaks again)

/x/: Can I stay with you guys?

(At this point, /r9k/ had put the phone on speaker)

/r9k/: For what reason? I thought you were happy over there.

/new/: Bet it never gets old either.

/x/: Getting constantly raided by /b/ is not fun, mind you.

/new/: Ah, that.

/r9k/: We’ll think about it. In the meantime, why don’t you hang out at /tg/’s like you usually do?

/x/: I…uh, I got to go. Will you at least consider my plea?

/r9k/: Will do. You be strong, /x/. (hangs up)

(Some awkward silence)

/new/:…I don’t know what’s weirder. The fact that /x/ wants to live with us or how you ended that conversation.

/r9k/: I got nervous.


Script drabble 1:

(/new/ is arguing with /ic/ about how he drives.)

/ic/: It’s because it’s dangerous for you to drive. Remember the last accident you had?

/new/: (scoffs) Oh come on. I’m sure it wasn’t that bad.

(more arguments, the scene cuts off to a cafe that some of the board tans are at.)

The plot centers around a mysterious woman that /new/ can’t help but find attractive. The other guys warn him about the girl, though he thinks they’re just envious. Alot of times, the guys try to prevent /new/ from being near her. One by one, however, they start to disappear. /new/ finally notices when his last friend decides to sacrifice himself to prove a point. He realizes he misses them.

Throughout the story, the board tans give him hints that this world isn’t what it appears to be. /new/’s head would randomly bleed but the source could never be found. /ic/ continues to caution /new/ about driving, leading /new/ to feel stomach pains as if something inside him has been fractured.

It turns out that /new/ was in a coma and his friends/family in his dream was his conscious warning him about death (the girl).  They could be considered an extent of his feelings/emotions because the board tans in his dream are just parts of his traits (he lacks understanding who they are).

He wakes up holding /co/’s hand, who was there to look after him in the hospital room.